Dry skin

I noticed that when winter time comes, my skin started to get dry. I always have trouble with it not just this time but even a few years ago. My husband had some problem too but mostly its his dry lips. I guess the cold weather is one of the reason that we have this problem. Luckily we have some nivea creme here that we used just to make my skin softer again.I’m glad that it works perfect, so it’s a relieved for me that every time I encounter this dry skin, I have an easy solution already. In beginning, I’m really clueless on what to apply on my skin, I’m a bit worried but luckily, someone recommend me to try it and I’m happy that it works perfect.

Busy everywhere

Hubby and I went to the centrum to do some evening shopping and we were not surprised how crowded it was because it’s the same from the previous year. A lot of people do their last monute shopping just before the christmas celebration. The cashier in every stores were very crowded and since we did also our last minute shopping for our upcoming exchanging gifts, so we had no choice but to stand in a long line. Well, its a lesson for us, the next time we need to shop in advance before it gets crowded.

We stumble

Christmas season is now in the air and I even can feel it now because today, we started to put up our Christmas tree. We didn’t finish it directly because hubby and I were tired already, we were busy already since this morning, so our goal for today was just to put up the tree and the lights, the rest will be tomorrow. So while we were relaxing, we try to search some online stuff that we need for christmas and we sumble this http://www.musiciansfriend.com/squier-telecaster. We were not interested for it but it came across in our mind that of our friend was interested to have it. He even plan to have it this Christmas as a gift for himself.