It’s been a long time ago since I didn’t do online shopping. I miss it already but at this moment I just cherish my vacation together with my family. I know when I’m back in NL, then I’m back in online shopping again. Though I didn’t shop via online but I got a chance to do watch some stuff that i like. Only, I can’t order it at this moment because I’m on vacation, I’m afraid to order and no one will receive it. While surfing through the internet, I came across this power amps. It’s not that I’m interested for this thing but it’s my younger brother that is very interested to have it.

Shopping with my mama

My mama is not used to it to shop far away from home, but this afternoon, we really tried to convince her to shop. At first she was hesitant to go with us but later on we finally convince her to go with us. She doesn’t like to go tot he malls because aside that she finds it far, she finds it also crowded and if its too crowded, she feels dizzy.

Anyway, today we had a great time shopping, even though my mama kept complaining that she’s dizzy haaa. We just keep walking and let her explore the new mall in the city.

Who knows

It feels so nice that sometimes your husband still wishing that someday we can have our second vow again. I feel so special and happy that he has that wish in the future. I never think that idea anymore because in my mind, I’m already satisfied and contented for our first vow. But having that thoughts in his mind, it feels great, isn’t it? So when we had that conversation, I make some jokes that if there’s a second vow, then there’s a second wedding ring as well haaa. I’m wishing for platinum wedding rings whenever we have a second vow and he was surprised and laugh about it.