Not home

Every Sunday, hubby and I got used to it that we visit my parents-in-law house. Our house is not so far from them, but I don’t feel like walking due to some cold weather. So we took our car and drove to my parents-in-law house. While were almost there, hubby just notice that he forgot the keys, but I’m confident enough that they were home, so I said to hubby that it’s okay, there someone that will open the door. While ringing the doorbell, no one answered, hmm..we tried it until three times and we tried to call mom’s mobile number. Therefore, no one answered because they were not home, they went to the hardware store to but this Full extension drawer slides. So instead of waiting until they were back, we first walked on the way to the centrum to do some shopping and after that we went back.

Almost there

Last week, I was baking a cake with some leche flan on top of it. It’s my third attempt to make this cake but still I couldn’t make it perfect. The last time I bake this kind of cake, I can say that I’m almost there but it’s not as perfect as I want. That’s why I keep practicing it and hoping that someday I can get the perfect cake that I want. I don’t know how long it takes to make this cake perfect but I’m willing to try it again and again just to make sure that I’m there in the level of perfect. I never get tired of trying this until I fulfilled this goal, *wink*.

Too bad

I was a bit upset that one of the online store that I used to shop is temporary not available in accepting paypal as a method of payment. I always pay using my paypal account and now, there is something that I like and I can’t purchase it. I sent an email to the store and asked how long it takes but they don’t have any idea yet i it takes weeks or months, phu. So I tried to look for other online store until I came across this new behringer pa speaker. Hubby is dreaming to have one of this but at this moment, it’s not our main priority. Luckily he is not so impulsive like me, that when I see something I like then directly I buy it.