We stumble

Christmas season is now in the air and I even can feel it now because today, we started to put up our Christmas tree. We didn’t finish it directly because hubby and I were tired already, we were busy already since this morning, so our goal for today was just to put up the tree and the lights, the rest will be tomorrow. So while we were relaxing, we try to search some online stuff that we need for christmas and we sumble this http://www.musiciansfriend.com/squier-telecaster. We were not interested for it but it came across in our mind that of our friend was interested to have it. He even plan to have it this Christmas as a gift for himself.

He wants to learn

Long time ago, I heard from hubby that he wants to learn how to play a piano but after that, I didn’t hear anything anymore if he is still interested in learning that musical instrument. Just a few months ago, when his grandma passed away, he got her ukelele. I was surprised that he started to gain some interested into musical instrument but this time its not in a piano but in a guitar. He start to practice his grandma’s ukelele and keep trying to learn it but he doesn’t do it so often, so I guess there’s no progress.

Excited to shop

As soon that we know that gender of our baby, hubby and I will start shopping for some baby stuff. Actually, I’m very excited already, I can’t wait to do this baby shopping but while we are not sure yet if it’s a he or she, then better not to buy anything yet. But some of our friends already encourage us that we can buy now the basic stuff for the baby such as the crib because we want white color anyway. So if its baby boy or girl, then it’s still okay the color. But we couldn’t find a nice crib yet, we just wait until we find something that we like, so well see. Maybe that’s the perfect time to purchase,