Who knows

It feels so nice that sometimes your husband still wishing that someday we can have our second vow again. I feel so special and happy that he has that wish in the future. I never think that idea anymore because in my mind, I’m already satisfied and contented for our first vow. But having that thoughts in his mind, it feels great, isn’t it? So when we had that conversation, I make some jokes that if there’s a second vow, then there’s a second wedding ring as well haaa. I’m wishing for platinum wedding rings whenever we have a second vow and he was surprised and laugh about it.

Away for weeks

It’s been a long time since I’m away in blogespher due to some other priorities in life but starting today, I am active again in blogging. I guess I missed a lot of updates of my life or things that makes me busy. Well, many things just happen and thank you Lord, your there to give me strenght and courage.

Not home

Every Sunday, hubby and I got used to it that we visit my parents-in-law house. Our house is not so far from them, but I don’t feel like walking due to some cold weather. So we took our car and drove to my parents-in-law house. While were almost there, hubby just notice that he forgot the keys, but I’m confident enough that they were home, so I said to hubby that it’s okay, there someone that will open the door. While ringing the doorbell, no one answered, hmm..we tried it until three times and we tried to call mom’s mobile number. Therefore, no one answered because they were not home, they went to the hardware store to but this Full extension drawer slides. So instead of waiting until they were back, we first walked on the way to the centrum to do some shopping and after that we went back.