Excited to shop

As soon that we know that gender of our baby, hubby and I will start shopping for some baby stuff. Actually, I’m very excited already, I can’t wait to do this baby shopping but while we are not sure yet if it’s a he or she, then better not to buy anything yet. But some of our friends already encourage us that we can buy now the basic stuff for the baby such as the crib because we want white color anyway. So if its baby boy or girl, then it’s still okay the color. But we couldn’t find a nice crib yet, we just wait until we find something that we like, so well see. Maybe that’s the perfect time to purchase,

online shopping mood

Hi guys, hows your weekend? mine goes so fast and tomorrow, back to work again, phuuu..Well, we had a busy weekend but luckily now, I can relax and I can do my normal things that I like. I first prepared my stuff that i need for tomorrow and the rest, I can do what I want. I’m in the mood of online shopping because I need to buy a maternity outfit. My belly is growing now, so some of my old jeans doesn’t fit anymore. While shopping, I came across this lovely guitar. I know I can’t play that musical instrument but my younger brother can. The last time I talk to him, he wish to have a new one because his old one is broken already. Well, you can visit this site too www.guitarcenter.com , maybe there something that you like also.

Vacation was over

My almost 7 weeks vacation in the Philippines was finished already and now I’m back to reality. It means back to work and being a housewife again. Well, its good that I had a couple of weeks break to relax and spend time with my family after 3 years that I haven’t see them. I felt relieved also from being home sick before, so my visit in Philippines truly help me to ease the pain. In my weeks of stay, many things happened, it’s not all the fun but also there was sadness but I’m sure we will overcom e all this trials that comes in the family.